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The Group is always looking for new talented and enthusiastic people to contribute to achieve our vision.

During our standard recruitment process, which is divided into four steps, you shall meet both HR professionals and operational managers.

This hiring process is set up at the level of the enterprise, but can be adapted according to our subsidiaries and countries.

The average timeframe from your application to the final decision is about 2-4 months, including interviews with members of Solvay's team.

1 - Apply

Apply directly online to a specific position opening (job opportunities) or create a candidate profile.

You will receive an automatic acknowledgement or receipt saying that we received your application. Our recruiters carefully examine your application file and contact you if your profile meets Solvay's needs.

2 - Pre Selection

If your application matches our needs, a recruiter will contact you to assess your profile and experience.

3 - Selection

If you are shortlisted for the position you will be invited to one or more interviews to discuss your skills with the Solvay team.

Once the final decision is made, you will be informed as soon as possible.

4 - Integration

If selected for the position, you will be made an employment offer. Upon acceptance you will start the integration process.

Welcome to Solvay!

Tips to improve your recruitment experience

Your Resume or CV

The Resume or CV is an informative document. It informs the recruiter about your experience, education, competences and any other applicable information

The resume should be comprehensive, clear and precise

The interview

  • Be well prepared and familiarize yourself with Solvay and the job profile
  • The job interview’s goal is to assess your qualifications as they relate to the position
  • This is your opportunity to highlight your personality, motivation, and relevant work experience
  • The impression you make on the interview team is important. Thus, be punctual, courteous and be sure to listen carefully and give precise and clear answers
  • The interview is also an opportunity for you to ask questions