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Reliability engineer

Job ID 9709 Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality, China;
Solvay is a multi-specialty chemical company committed to developing chemistry that addresses key societal challenges. We innovate and partner with customers in diverse global end markets. Solvay Composite Materials combines 50 years of technology heritage to bring a comprehensive product portfolio, expertise in material design, and extensive process engineering solutions to our customers. As the partner of choice for advanced materials development, we deliver optimal material solutions to address our customers’ most challenging demands for new high-performance materials to improve durability and production, while offering weight savings for the end application.


Job Overview and Responsibilities:
Identification of active and passive weak points for the initiation of availability securing measures
Customization of the improvement needs between maintenance and business
linkage between improvement initiatives and prioritization through „Bath Actors“(critical plants)
Construction of a uniform methodology of the availability management
Guaranteeing the in working order durability of the plants

Roles and Activities:
Analysis of the performance of asset together with the operation and failures correlate (OEE, Production losses, repair costs, etc.) 
Analyzing of initiation of the data construction in the plants and ensuring the data quality in SAP
Creating date technical standards which have to be cultivated
Building up and checking a report systematics for failure safety (Damage-/ weak points)  
Making, supervising and coordinating the revision of the maintenance politics and strategies for higher failure safety and availability at low costs
Implementation of new processes to pursue the total operating costs (TCO) of the equipment’s
Construction of an availability methodology/method instruction
Acquirement of course materials and introduction of the engineers/technicians
Classifying of equipment’s and determining the criticality assessment
Succeeding with a uniform risk management methodology/standard
Drawing and determining measures and plans for the loss minimization and risk minimization
Interlinking and guaranteeing a uniform methodology with respect to criticality, failure safety, maintenance strategies and spare part management  
Revision of the frequency and size of schedules 

Maintenance costs in the context of the budget and gradual, continuous cost reduction
Backtracking of availability indicators
Integrated administration of “Bad Actors“ List
Improvement analyses and supervision of the results

Roles and Activities (continuing):
Updating a list of „Bad Actors“
Managing and carrying out availability projects
Coordinating , presenting and breakdown analysis (RCFA, FMEA,...) and involving of technical experts within Solvay
Making analyses which are included in purchase or repair decisions
Participation in the planning and installation phase of new plants to minimize the total costs arising during their life time
Identifying of cost reduction in the maintenance inside acceptable risk

Education and Experience:

Technical education 

General knowledge about the technology of the production plants

Knowledge of maintenance and management tools, reliability and capacity

Specializations in reliability and industrial Asset management

Sense of organization
Critical idea about maintenance activities
Abilities to negotiate and moderation of meetings
Practical use of availability tools, methods and techniques
Administration of relationship between departments and functions 

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