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Lab Research Assistant_RICS

Job ID 8774 Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality, China;
This is a new position in Process & Synthesis lab in Aroma Performance RICS team, to support different Aroma Performance GBU growth needs, e.g., new product & process development, existing process & plant support, by providing lab experiments, e.g., chemical synthesis and work-up, etc., under the supervision of Lab manager.

Job Overview and Responsibilities:
-    Chemical synthesis operation, such as setup, run reaction and workup.
-   Perform analysis, test, and investigation in connection with determining properties of material or new product development.
-  Implement assigned R&I projects arranged by project leader with appropriate documents.
-  Ensure the project is carried out smoothly with timely update and delivery of objectives.
- Operate and maintain laboratory equipment, record and document the experiment results in precision and detail, prepare samples for internal test and customer demo. Support for product scaling up and process optimization. Literature search for related projects.
- Participate the process optimization work, according to safety, industrial and economic constraints, to assist in the development of the process at pilot and/or industrial workshops.

Education and Experience:
Educational background: A College degree or above, major in Organic Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or related

With minimum 1 year lab experience in organic synthesis/separation/purification in industrial company.

  • Analytical skill like GC, GC/MS, LC/MS, HPLC, NMR, etc. is a plus.

  • Be able to do lab experiment, particularly, multiple steps of organic synthesis,   independently

  • Be able to read English literature. Record and document the experiment data in English. Good oral English.

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